Midterm Idea

My game is going to be about the time that I learned to walk again. After getting a spinal fusion surgery my bone structure completely changed. The day after the surgery the nurse tried to get me standing and I came very close to passing out. Over the subsequent days in the hospital I would slowly learn how to roll in my bed, stand-up, stay standing, sit down, and walk. I wanted to make this game represent the feeling of struggling with your own motor functions. 

The core principles of this game are:

  • Verb: Walking
  • Conflict: Finding the correct keys
  • Goal: Get to the end of the room

The game will be in first person and the player will be able to look down at their feet and the tubes attached to their body. They will see that they have a walker to assist them, but unlike my actual experience, my mother and a physical therapy nurse will not be there. The player will be able to look around the room and see the bed, the IV tubes, and the world outside the window. To walk the player will have to guess the proper combination of keys for their right foot, and once they get the combination correct, they will then have to find out the combination for left foot. The combinations will change after they move the right foot and the left foot. These combinations will be preset and not randomly generated to further the idea that the player is learning to walk again. If the player doesn't figure out the combination quickly enough (after 1 min) they will start to pass out (15 second grace period). If the players manage to make it to the end of the room they will win the game and the screen will fade to white. 


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sounds like and touching experience, also the scope seems to be alright