Midterm Progress

Woah haha hey. I was told to make this devlog more interesting, so here goes. I fucked up, I am trying to make the feet move so there is some feedback to the player but I am having a rough time, my code is an organized mess at the moment, my advanced game design homework had me write a 25 page design doc in one weekend, essentially by myself and I am pissed at my partner for not pulling his weight, so I have been spending all weekend on that and these fucking feet, I hate these feet, I want to kill these feet, but on the plus side they move so yaaaaaay.  I just need to spend some more time on organize my code and making sure it's not backwards as shit logic. WOW this devlog is interesting, right? I bet a list would be better for this stuff right? 

-Feet don't work properly 

-Feet at least kind of work

-There is an end state

-I have to move the player closer to the window or figure out a better way to move the head and body

-You can win

-I am now giving the player the buttons so they don't smash on the keyboard and complain that it doesn't work

-I need to tweak the feet and start working on making pretty models for the game

-Horaaaay substance painter

-Playtest, playtest, playtest

okay bye



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