Dear Laurenz,

It is with a heavy heart that I write you this letter.  Our supplies has run low, me and the other soldiers survive on what we manage to find in the snow covered woods near the camp.  Every night I fall asleep with an empty stomach, and every morning I wake up more hollow than the previous one.  We have been running interceptions to nearby enemy convoys, but they have been less frequent. There is an unshakeable sense of dread in the camp, some of the others have talked about deserting, even I have considered the idea. But, I must remain strong during these times of trouble, our freedom is more important. In my spare time if I am not cleaning the cabin or on guard, I develop a game about learning to walk again. It is essentially a walking simulator with an emphasis on learning the proper controls. The idea is that the player must move one foot forward a small bit at a time, and then do the same with the left foot, repeating the process until they take three full steps. Time is running out, as I write you this letter.

During this arduous process I ran across many problems. Not only is there a lack of any heat besides the small fire in our cabin, Unity's KeyCode doesn't work properly and I encountered many strange bugs and glitches. I got around this problem by assigning different KeyCode values and getting rid of the fixed variables which seemed to cause the problem. While there seems to be little to eat I have also run into problems such as figuring out the logic of how I want the feet to move back and forth.  I tend to over complicate tiny coding problems but I was able to talk out various solutions to this problem with my fellow soldiers.  Maya also gave me trouble as I couldn't export my models into substance painter with their desired textures, I still mourn over the loss of my friend, Alexander. At times I also struggled with my superiors demands, and instead of bending to his will I stood my ground and modified my game in order to be more approachable. 

Our courier still has not returned with news from the Congress. I know I must act bravely and not give into fear, but I sense that the end is near. If I were to live until spring I would continue to fight for the revolution, and continue to modify the leg movement of my game. Right now they snap into place, but I would prefer something more physics based and true to life. I would also add more to the 3D models in the room. If I had even more time, I would want to incorporate a segment where the player must learn to get out of bed properly. I would also incorporate possibly more into the passing out timer which acts as a motivator, maybe even subtract time if they press the wrong key or the right key. I would also want to make a better skybox for the player to look at as they look around the room. There are still many possibilities and the thought of soft warm bed, keeps me from collapsing on the frozen muddy ground. I hope to write to you soon, stay in good health my friend.


Private John Wanamaker

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