Prototype Reading

  • what are the four (4) categories of prototypes?

Role, Implementation, Look and feel, and Integration. 

  • what's the difference between example 2 and example 3?

Example 2 is what an object might look like in the program and it wasn't interactive, Example 3 is what the user might see and interact with while the program is running, allowing the designers to see what the best way of interaction might be. 

  • what type of prototype is example 7, and why?

It is a role prototype meant to explore how this device would fit into the user's life and behavior. It doesn't simulate anything other than where it might be located.

  • what type of prototype is example 10, and why?

It is an example of look and feel, as it simulates what exactly the product will feel like in the user's hands. It also simulates what the computer may look like. 

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