Determine if the subject is a replicant or human by measuring their physical responses to the 5 questions. Then choose to kill them or set them free.



Left and Right Arrow Keys to Switch Between Body Parts

Z to Check the Baseline of the Subject

X to Ask a Reactionary Question



This week’s prompt was surreal. I love the film Blade Runner and I loved the Voight Kampff test as an idea for an investigative game. The test in the movie has the blade runner ask a potential replicant a series of surreal questions while measuring their vitals to see if they are human or unfeeling replicant. If they are found to be a replicant they are “retired”. The classic movie and the book, which the movie is based off, are both surreal at times. My prototype seeks to capture the feeling of conducting that test. It is by far my favorite prototype I have created. Sadly, when I was almost done making the game, I sprained my ankle (I originally thought I had broken it), so I was unable to finish it on time. After getting proper rest, I continued to work on the game past the one-week mark because I loved the game even in it’s almost unplayable state. I added the animation code, made sure the text displayed properly, added some small sound effects, and it was done. I presented it alongside my other prototype for that week. It got the best response out of all my prototypes, so I want to continue to keep working on this idea and transform it into something truly challenging and fun. I learned that to create a good experience you need to focus on the aspects of your idea that are the most compelling to you.

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