Serve the coffee to the sleep deprived commuters to revive them.



Arrow Keys to Move

X to Make a Beverage

Run into the Skeletons to Serve It



The prompt for this week was rebirth. I was stuck in a creative rut this week. I ran out of design ideas, but I came out with an arcade inspired game that has a lot of potential. I made a game about serving coffee to revive the sleep deprived / coffee dependent commuters. Instead of making a compelling mechanic about the act of serving (which I should have done) I focused on the system of making the coffee (which I shouldn’t have done). I wanted to integrate the level design into how the player made and served the coffee, but it was too confusing. I had multiple iterations, but I went with the most experimental of the designs which had the ingredients in the center of the coffee shop. I went through many design iterations, but I believe at this point in the weeks I was a bit burnt out. If I were to continue working on this, I would fix the level design and add a combo and coffee stacking mechanic allowing players to plan out their path through the crowd of sleepy, coffee starved commuters. They say the best way to get out of a creative rut is to make something, and they were right, whoever “they” are.

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