Make your bug collection or grow your garden.



X to Move the Square



This week is one of my favorite prompts, it is also the last in the series. One button games are usually very action packed and about executing one action, but I wanted to make a slower game with multiple verbs. I came up with a very simple UI system to track input. While I was thinking of contexts to use it in, I was listening to a song called Bug Collector, by Haley Heynderickx. So, I decided to make the game a simplified of the game I had imagined in my head. I decided to put the player inside to enhance the melancholy feeling. I think this is also one of my more successful prototypes, it invokes a feeling and the one button waiting slows the feeling of the game down to a pace that is almost meditative and not too slow. If I were to continue to work on this game I would bring it into another engine and continue to build on the systems I have outlined. This was the last prototype I made and my last takeaway is that it’s okay to make your games slow and without some larger stated goal. 

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