Take a picture to immortalize your visit to to see the world's most famous painting. Share your favorite photos with your friends! 

"Remember, this is how you'll look forever!"



Arrow Keys  to Move

X  to Snap a Photo



This week the prompt was crowded. After having a disappointing clone, the previous week, I decided to go all out with this one. I based the game off my own experience visiting the Mona Lisa. It really wasn’t that small to be honest, but the crowd was intensely smelly and pushy. So, I wanted to capture my experience of taking a picture with this aggressive crowd and such a tiny painting. I originally didn’t have a score because the quality of photo should serve as its own score, but people wouldn’t try to get a better photo, so Bennett showed me a way to calculate the score by measuring how many pixels of the painting were being covered. For a redesign I would put the player inside the crowd and give the player a prompt to take another photo. My takeaway from this how different and avant guard types of games can still use very game-like things such as score to encourage the player to keep playing, effectively using the play vocabulary we have built up over the decades. 

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