Try to form your thought, by searching for the correct order of points around the screen.



Mouse to Move

X  to Click



This week the prompt was box art (you can see my edited and titled version of it in the screenshots). I chose one that reminded me of my hometown at night, but with a Twin Peaks sort of vibe. I originally planned on creating an investigative game about tracking down a specific person in a town, but instead it turned into a reflective game about self-hatred. While I was working on this game, I was in a very bad place mentally, there were certain outside factors that made it hard for me to have a clear mind. I kept creating different versions of the game, but I would get scared and trapped in my own logic loops then decide to delete all my work. The game that you can play was made in 5 hours during a sleepless night, cobbled together from broken systems from previous iterations. This final version is actually something I was proud of, it scared people and it was fun to see such a strong reaction out of my playtesters. Some people commended me for making something so personal and stylized. Some people also thought it was a “failure” which didn’t offend me, cause the game was my own form of catharsis from that hellish week, that’s all I needed. If I were to pursue this idea further, I would make the game to be closer to one of the iterations I had envisioned, having more visual clues about where to click and more depressing thoughts. My takeaway was that the creation of games can be just as cathartic as making something in any other art medium, and if one person doesn’t like it, that doesn’t mean no one will, in fact that player might the outlier. 

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