Find a friend then duel, or communicate to call a draw.



Arrow Keys, X, or Z to Fire Your Respective Gun

Z and X to Call a Draw



This week was a prototype that was made to be watched. I was inspired by the game B.U.T.T.O.N and dueling rules so I decided to create a physical/digital game combining those ideas. This project was very fun but also very challenging. The main challenge for this prototype was making sure the players knew what was happening before the game started and during play when they couldn’t see the screen/instructions. I would love to keep iterating on the game and get people to play it at festivals. It was extremely rewarding to see people following the goofy rules and scramble to find the right button on the computer before their friend did. I would love to make this a completely auditory and physical game. Some ideas would be adding a physical toy guns so the player would have to run to and assemble, then fire before the other person did, and a trust game for the part where the players can choose to call of the duel. I was reminded of the lesson I learned when making board games, which was clear and simple rules are extremely important when creating any sort of physical game. 

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