Regain your honor by finding and killing the traitorous Grand Guard.

A 2D demake of Dishonored.



Left and Right Arrow Keys to Move

Up Arrow Key to Jump

Down Arrow Key to Stab

X to Initiate Blink

Z to Confirm Blink



This week the prompt was to demake a 3D game into pixel art 2D. I decided to go with one of my favorite games which thrives off it’s 3D design, Dishonored. I only had a week, so I decided to focus on a small but important aspect of the game, which is its traversal. I spent the most time on getting the teleportation mechanic called, Blink, to work just right. I spent a lot less time trying to fix the problems I had encountered when I would flip a sprite and mess up it’s hit box code. So, the final product is more of a test in if stealth traversal and level design from Dishonored could be done in a 2D environment, and not combat or hit box detection. The rewarding part about watching people playtest this prototype was to see them find their own emergent solutions to the puzzles I presented to them. If I were to dive back into this, I would make the guards stationary (so I wouldn’t have to deal with the weird flipping sprite bullshit that drove me nuts) and I would also perfect the level design. This week I walked away with a better understanding of what to focus on and cut when creating a prototype of a larger experience, keeping in mind questions such as: is it a test of a system, is it a thematic test, is it a broad stress test of a larger idea, where can I cut corners, where can’t I cut corners, etc.

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