Repel the Ringwraiths as you ride to rescue the Fellowship!


X to Fire 

Arrow Keys to Move

Ctrl+R to Restart

If there is dust in the cartridge Restart it. 



The purpose of this recreation is to practice using Pico-8 and get used to its limitations and its abilities. When I created this game, I prioritized the animations and hitboxes as they were the most complex part of this clone. I also used some modern design and took out the flashing so it wouldn’t hurt people’s eyes. I still look fondly back at this game, it’s well made, and I am proud of how it looks and plays so similar to the original. What I learned from this week was mainly how important polish can be to a play experience, it serves as a reward for the player. And these incremental almost unnoticeable rewards encourage the player to keep playing. Polish can make even the worst games a bit fun.


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nice dude! love the dust in the cartridge thing, seriously was a great touch! 

Thank you! I had a lot of fun putting that in.