Pop Team Chaos is a Warioware-styled minigame collection themed around the manga/anime Pop Team Epic. Inspired by the anime’s short form layout, Pop Team Chaos is a fast-paced collection of snippets anchored in the show’s canon. Players have to complete timed tasks in order to rack up as many points as possible, all while relying on speed and reflex! What interested us most about Pop Team Epic was the absurdity of the show and its characters— two cute schoolgirls inciting violence and chaos wherever they travel. Join Popuko and Pipimi in their wild antics in Pop Team Chaos!

For this game we relied on the scene changing functions. This allowed us to make an experience that mirrors the show with its quick vignettes. This part of the development process was simple, the challenge came with the minigames. The prototyping of the minigames was the hardest part of the development as we had to balance each game, make sure they were fun, and code them in a way that allows for randomness. At the end of the four week development we had 5 different games, all of which are fun to play and challenging in their own way. 


Isa Deu (3D Models, Animations, and Scene Layout)

Valentine Morin (2D Art, Texturing, and Scene Layout)

Tyler Triebold (Code, Game Design, and Playtesting)

John Wanamaker (Code, Game Design, and Project Management)

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