Play with headphones for the full experience.

Controls (Web Version)

Spacebar to Pull the Lever

Controls (Downloaded Version)

Right Trigger to Pull the Lever


Keanan Pucci - Face 1

Emily Koonce @EmilyRakoonce - Face 2

Edgar Gonzalez @Beheeyem666 - Face 3


This game was an exercise in juice and basic interaction design. I used screenshake, controller rumble, sound effect changes, and visual flares to create the feeling of flow that a slot machine puts a player in. The game's design was inspired the NYU Game Center Lecture Series talk by Natasha Dow Schüll titled Addiction by Design and the visual design was inspired by the poster for the event illustrated by choo. I specifically made the game start to break after enough play to rip the player out of the flow state they start to develop in order to provide a commentary on the addiction created by these slot machine designers. I am not very proud to have made a slot machine but I think it's a worthwhile exercise to understand how powerful juice can be in a play experience.


windows build 50 MB

Install instructions

You need an Xbox One or PS4 controller


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those are some pretty good faces

I know right?